One-Session Cookies Are No Longer a Problem for AliExpress Affiliates!

November 3, 2015 Blog
As you might already know, AliExpress recently increased its affiliate commission to 8%, whilst also simultaneously cutting the cookies time limit from 30-days to one session. This became a problem for many affiliates since their income dropped. Thankfully those who had used AliPlugin did not suffer as much, since AliExpress affiliate sites have lower dependency on cookies. Despite this, we saw a golden opportunity to improve our plugin further and set about introducing new unique features that would mean our clients would not only save their current income level, but even boost it! Look how it works: When a potential buyer visits a product page on your affiliate store, he sees a really great price for the item. He also sees an active timer and a strong call-to-action informing him that this is a limited time offer (“Today’s Deal”), and in an hour or two (the timer shows a countdown) the price will be higher. 2 As a result, the visitor goes to AliExpress being highly motivated to make an urgent purchase – and his motivation is even stronger than before. Ultimately this means that you can multiply the number of purchases made within the first session - and your income grows significantly. One more thing to boost your profits! We’ve also added a new affiliate program to our plugin. Now you can earn not only with AliExpress, but also with Alibaba – the world’s greatest eCommerce platform, initially created for wholesalers but also available for single-item purchases. Amongst other things, Alibaba’s affiliate program is famous for its good commissions – $3.50 for just contacting a supplier, and – ATTENTION! – 30-day cookies. Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? (Click here to learn more). How it works Your product pages are now provided with additional “Learn How to Buy It Even Cheaper” links, right under the Order Now button. Upon clicking the link a user sees a pop-up with brief and clear instructions on how to find the item on and buy it at an unbelievably low price. As soon as he contacts a supplier, you get $3.50 in commissions. 3 This new feature is optional, so you can switch it on and off as required. In summary, by using the improved AliPlugin you can not only maintain your current profits, but also even boost them. We think you’ll simply love the new features and hope that you will feel as excited about them as we are! Still have questions? Contact us. Buy an updated version of AliPlugin right now!