Meet AliPlugin Pro!

April 12, 2017 Blog

We are happy to introduce brand new AliPlugin Pro, let’s take a look at the big changes it brings.

What new features are included in AliPlugin Pro?

One of the most expected bonuses is a set of new built-in themes with wide customization options. These options give you full control of the website appearance! Also, we are introducing Contact Us page with contact form and other features making themes eye-catching and easy to use.

Direct import function now allows importing almost any product from in one click. So, you can just browse AliExpress and add whatever you like to your webstore. Another desired feature of AliPlugin Pro is Import Products with variations.

Now you can enrich your website content importing customer reviews from AliExpress. What is more important, these reviews can be imported with images posted by customers. You can also choose reviews from your country only, or translate them to your language. If you need more, AliPlugin Pro provides an option to generate expert reviews automatically.

If your target audience is non-native English speakers, AliPlugin Pro allows importing products in other languages supported by AliExpress to enter new markets.