Make profit from any AliExpress store you fancy!

May 9, 2016 Blog
1_aliexpress store It’s not a rare thing to dream of your own webstore – it is a popular way of becoming your own boss and feeling free to organize your working routine the way you like. It has to be acknowledged, though, that running your very own online store can actually be a challenging task. Will you make the goods yourself or purchase them from a manufacturer or some supplier? How will you deal with the storage issues? What will you do with an unsatisfied customer to restore your reputation? Luckily, you don’t have to actually start your own store in order to reap the benefits from a rapidly growing e-commerce industry. AliExpress, one of the most prominent global retailers, opens up opportunities for an income producing and effortless business.

How can you benefit from AliExpress stores?

AliExpress, a highly successful online marketplace, is designed to facilitate an interaction between manufacturers and customers. Since there are no intermediaries, all the participants cut unnecessary expenses and enjoy productive communication. Thanks to the AliExpress affiliate program that is widely known as Portals Affiliate Program, anyone can benefit from this online trading platform. You don’t have to create your own store on AliExpress – all you have to do is get a website (a blog or social media account will do as well) and register in the program. When the registration is complete, you get your own affiliate link along with the right to post information about any goods from any stores on your website. The link allows you to get a certain commission for every purchase that will be made after clicking on your posts or advertisements. Therefore, you don’t directly get involved in the sales process – your website visitor gets interested into a post you have published, clicks the AliExpress link you’ve provided for this item, goes directly to the website and places an order in the original store – but it’s still you who gets the commission for a completed deal!

How do you choose an AliExpress store to get items from?

Obviously, the choice of a store defines your promotional strategy and the overall profit from this business. Your website visitors trust you, so you need to make them your loyal customers and never let them down by providing a dubious link to a dishonest seller. For the sake of fairness it needs to be mentioned that AliExpress administration monitors the sellers closely and prevents cases of fraud quite effectively, but your own common sense and caution certainly would not go amiss. While choosing a store, pay attention to the following details:
  • The percentage of positive reviews in overall feedback left during the last 6 months. Actual customer reviews can tell you a lot about the seller and his credibility.
  • The seller’s rating level. The higher it is, the more trust you can put in the store.
  • The seller’s registration date – if a store is established and mature, your potential customers are less likely to have any problems while making a deal.
Also you might want to analyze the store performance in more depth and look through detailed seller ratings and feedback history – the more you know about the seller, the better for your business.