How to start ecommerce business with Aliexpress

May 5, 2015 Blog
If you ever wondered how affiliate ecommerce business is different from general ecommerce business, this article is exactly for you. Aliexpress is one of the largest affiliate programs in terms of product catalogues and revenues generated, but unfortunately it is underused and hardly known in the USA and Europe. That is the reason why “how to start ecommerce business with Aliexpress” needs elaboration and a whole new article dedicated to it. What is the difference between starting ecommerce business and starting ecommerce business with Aliexpress? Well. There are a lot of them. First of all, Aliexpress is an affiliate program, which means you do not have to have a real brick and mortar store and dropship anything. Secondly, Aliexpress offers very cheap and mostly Chinese products that is a great fit in with developing markets. For this reason Aliexpress ecommerce webstores should be translated and targeted properly. Thirdly, Aliexpress boasts having gigantic product catalogues which can be imported into ecommerce websites in bulk and managed properly by using specialized plugins such as Aliplugin. All of this is just the basics, let’s go a little deeper and learn how to start ecommerce business with Aliexpress step by step.

1. Traffic Traffic Traffic

Let’s begin with the most fundamental stuff – one of the strongest drivers of the skyward boost of income from an Aliexpress ecommerce model has been a reciprocal skyward boost of traffic. As with all ways of earning money from ecommerce business it is true that the more people visit your affiliate products – the higher chance it will convert (of course this is a simple observation as not all kinds of traffic generate sales – but without traffic there would be no sales at all). It all comes to traffic. While it’s worth doing some small A/B tests by adding affiliate products here or there in your blog (even before you have loads of traffic) your key focus in the very beginning should be upon producing fantastic blog articles, link building and social promotion of your blog. Blog content comes first, them comes monetization from Aliexpress Affiliate program.

2. Loyalty and Trust Pay Off

One of the other key factors that has a great impact on the income generation by Aliexpress affiliates is the kind of reader-host interaction they can pull through on their blogs. While Aliexpress affiliate ecommerce webstores do draw quite a lot of search engine traffic there is an undeniable evidence that in general (although there are a few exceptions) new fresh leads that come straight from the search are not producing any commissions for Aliexpress ecommerce webstore owners. More-often-than-not it is the people who really trust you and like you content who pay for the products you promote, not newcomers. Repeat readers are the most important audience. The biggest reason for this is that those people who follow you and interact with you on a regular basis over the long period of time begin respecting and likng you (or your articles) and so when you advice or describe something they’re more likely to listen to you.

3. People’s Intentions Play a Big Role

Another crucial parameter in the equation of Aliexpress conversions is the goals that your visitors pursue when they visit your website. What did bring them to your blog in the first place? What step in the ‘purchasing cycle’ are they at? These questions were raised by various successful Aliexpress ecommerce owners prompted by the growing traffic on their websites. Application of Google analytics and survey creation helped to find out that Aliexpress earnings didn’t seem to be growing as strongly as the traffic itself. What was found out is that blogs mostly dedicated to after-purchase topics like "How to clean an iPhone” or “How to edit videos with your video camera app” were not attracting people in a ‘purchasing mood’. In reality a survey proved that many of the Aliexpress affiliate blog’s visitors had recently bought a camera and were on Aliexpress affiliate blogs guided by the desire to learn how to operate it, not how to purchase one. To target people who would like to buy something and have worries about the future purchase, we created a suitable content. There were added new articles into the blog interesting for people who are planning to buy a gadget. We created various comparisons and countdowns with recommendations on buying stuff. This culminated in loads of new visitors and more commissions. But it was a gradual process that took some time. This is where first-time search engine leads can go nicely with affiliate programs – for example, when you’re developing articles that readers in a ‘buying mood’ are looking for.

4. Relevancy Matters

This is another reasonable advice that many of affiliates forget to follow. The more relevant to your reader the goods or services are that you advertising the bigger probability you’ll have loads of conversions.
  • Talking about Apple goods on the blog devoted to psychology or medical stuff is time wasted . It is extremely unlikely to get people rushing to buy a new phone when they suffer from chronic fatigue or heart disease. Everything should be in its place. It is mpre appropriate to promote medical books, CDs and DVDs instead.
  • Promote knives on your language learning blog and you’re probably see no sales at all – student books, education and examination services suit better the theme.
Sometimes it is challenging to determine a product that will fit your blog content best (Aliexpress doesn’t work with every topic) but A/B test various goods and services related to your content measure what converts best for your readers. Use Aliplugin to import Aliexpress products to your website using a selective import option (there are three different import options: selective, bulk and scheduled).

5. Add Social Media Marketing

Blog readers are more ready to strike a sale if they have a feeling that they’re not alone and if they see that others are buying with them. If you target Aliexpress "hot" regions such Brazil, Spain or China you should know that shopping is more of a communal activity than in other countries. Social proof is a must. One of the most influential social proof marketing tactics that one can use when promoting Aliexpress affiliate products is developing ‘Best Seller’ type lists for people to illustrate what is presently hot in terms of sales in the neighborhood. To craft such listarticles you should simply use Aliplugin to sort the best selling Aliexpress products and create a new blog post by inserting the selected products. Listarticle should be original and have unique analysis of the presented products. If you can not do it, let freelancers do it for couple of dollars. Good listarticle can attract hundreds of new leads due to its simplicity and easy-to-read quality which is perfect for Too-Long-Didn’t-Read generation. Aliplugin provides great stats on Aliexpress products that greatly help social proof marketing. Create different articles for different categories of products and enjoy a lot of incoming traffic. It produces good commissions because people see that others in their community are buying these products which may indicate either a good bargain or good quality – that is an epitome of a Wisdom of the Crowd thinking. Another social media technique is to use Pinterest or Instagram to promote luxury and beautiful products. You can also use regional and international classified ads websites to promote the products that sell beautifully on Aliexpress. Some of the premium-quality Aliexpress products generated hundred of new leads in a single day. The traffic was coming from craiglist and regional classified ads. It proved quite profitable. If you need more information on Aliexpress, you can download a free guide or get a free consultation from Alipartnership Support Team.