How to increase conversion rate: 9 ways to make your sales go up

February 9, 2016 Blog
Even if you are not quite familiar with the essence of conversion rate as a website performance indicator, you are most likely interested in boosting your webstore profitability by means of exciting the curiosity of webstore visitors and, therefore, generating more sales.  So be sure - increasing your conversion rate is just the right solution for this task.

How to increase conversion rate: understanding the concept

To keep it simple, a conversion rate of a website is an indicator showing how successful is your website in persuading a visitor to make a purchase. To be more specific, a conversion rate is the percentage of all the website visitors who placed an order or took some other action, for example:
  • Filled out a research or contact form;
  • Left you a message;
  • Made you a call.
As you can see, increasing your conversion rate is an exceptionally important as it can make your sales go up. It doesn’t matter if you are taking part in an affiliate program or maintain your very own webstore, the success of your venture is measured by the volume of generated sales, so the following arrangements may be just the necessary solutions for your online store.

How to increase conversion rate: making your offers distinguish themselves

  • First of all, you need to think carefully about all the traits of the products you offer. The website visitors need to know exactly what are they going to get as the result of the purchase, so you need to describe all the product’s features and benefits in detail, and also mention the payment methods available and shipping information as well.
  • Secondly, don’t forget that you need a compelling value proposition. Remember, it is crucial not only to list the product’s features on your website, but also to explain your potential customers why and how getting this exact product will solve their problem.
  • Thirdly, make sure that all the website pages have an effective call to action – a text, a banner, or a button that spurs the website visitors into action and persuades them to provide some personal details or contact information, or, even better, to place an order.

How to increase conversion rate: enhancing the visitor’s experience

  • It is vital to make your website not only useful, but also easy to use. Since you don’t want to scare the visitors away with a challenging navigation or an unfavorable layout, take some time to make sure that potential customers can easily find the product they need along with all the details necessary to make a purchase. Remember that affiliate programs quite often offer the opportunity of ordering a custom site made in a professional manner and designed to make this task significantly less complicated for you.
  • In this context, be also careful to write the proper headlines. They are essentially the first thing a visitor sees on a website and are a powerful tool that can either convince them to read further or make them close the page with no further consideration.
  • Pay close attention to the contact information you provide. You need to make it easy for customers to get in touch with you, so an email address, a phone number and/or a live chat are necessary to let the website visitors interact with you easily and get their questions answered.

How to increase conversion rate: working on credibility

  • As it was previously mentioned, the way your webstore looks tells a lot about the whole business. To convince the visitors that your store is worth their attention, consider the visual design and review all the images, pictures, and fonts you are using. Remember to avoid low quality photos, spelling errors and broken links in order not to make the website look abandoned.
  • For the same reason, don’t forget to update your site’s content regularly and often enough. It is especially true for the webstores that have a blog or a news section.
  • Include some social proof – if you already have satisfied customers, make their positive experience well-known. Independent reviews are always taken seriously, so asking your customers to leave a publicly displayed message is actually a good idea.