Growing AliExpress popularity is the reason to start affiliate marketing business

August 31, 2015 Blog
What kind of information do you need to analyze in order to start affiliate marketing business and provide yourself with solid long-term revenues? Industry experts agree on the necessity of the business performance analysis with regard to the core market segment of the chosen company. This is why, while analyzing AliExpress performance, we are first of all going to look at its current state of presence at the Russian market.

 AliExpress Presense in the Russian market

Russia, along with Brazil and the United States, is the key target audience for AliExpress. According to Mark Zavadsky, head of AliExpress business development for Russia and CIS, Russian buyers constitute 15,3% of the total website traffic. At the moment AliExpress tops the ratings of the most popular trading platforms in Russia. Over the past year the monthly consumer traffic of the Chinese retailer has been increased to 15.6 million people, which is twice more than in the previous year. This sharp increase in the audience brought the AliExpress platform in the top 10 Internet projects currently working on the territory of Russia. Increased presence of AliExpress company in various social networks has resulted in an astonishing business growth: in May 2015, AliExpress appeared to be even more popular website than Facebook in Russia. According to TNS Russia data, the monthly audience for the online trading platform amounted to 22,627 million visitors aged 12-64 years. In comparison, the Facebook’s monthly audience of the same demographic amounted to 22,614 million people. Quite interestingly, back in April 2015, the gap was 3.354 million people in favor of Facebook (22,947 million). Just in a year audience in Russia has almost doubled, according to the TNS findings.

 AliExpress Affiliate program in Russia

The Russians who started affiliate marketing business with AliExpress found themselves benefitting from this highly positive state of affairs. Official comScore statistics shows that websites related to the e-commerce segment are ranked among the most frequently visited Internet resources. As of June 2015, the website was placed 12th among the most visited websites in Russia - the total number of Russians visiting the website via various devices reached 17 348 million. At the same time, according to the latest statistics provided by comScore, in July 2015, the website reached the eleventh position in the ranking of the most visited Internet sites in Russia. It is worthwhile noting that the top twenty included only two e-commerce companies. Therefore, growing AliExpress popularity on its key target market is the perfect reason to start affiliate marketing business. It is expected that Aliexpress will continue establishing more and more prominent position both at the Russian market and worldwide due to its numerous benefits for customers. The benefits of the highest importance include a matchless range of goods offered, incomparably low prices, a vide range methods of payment, an option of free shipping, high quality guarantee, and overall convenience of the service in the whole.