Doing business with China: what makes Alibaba an outstanding commercial partner?

March 20, 2016 Blog
Alibaba Group, a worldwide known Chinese e-commerce company which owns several trading platforms simplifying communication between customers and manufacturers, is famous for being an exceptionally successful business venture. These days, thanks to Alibaba, 6.5 million sellers and 300 million customers around the world have the opportunity to interact freely. What is the secret?

Doing business with China: how did Alibaba work its way to the top?

Alibaba’s incredible commercial success throughout the globe can be explained by the market share it has in its homeland. The company is considered to be the absolute market leader in China – and, for the record, online retail is the fastest growing sector in the country. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that Chinese consumer market holds the title of the fastest-growing one in the world. What has let Alibaba capture and benefit from the steady growth of China consumer market is the company’s ability to unmistakably detect and penetrate new growth markets both in the home market and all over the world. As the result, the company gets ready to offer its customers more attractive purchasing options, including the lower priced ones, which, in turn, gives it the reputation of a thoughtful and trustworthy corporation, and lets it take the leading market position. As Alibaba analysts state, numerous web users are browsing the company’s webstores not only to purchase essential and luxury goods, but also in order to:
  • Get some insights into what’s trending now;
  • Look for ideas for decorating home, organizing rooms, making gifts, etc.;
  • Share their shopping experience with other customers worldwide;
  • Get relevant market updates from sellers and manufacturers;
  • Entertain themselves.
Everything the customers do on numerous Alibaba platforms – reading news, looking for particular goods, bookmarking certain items, putting something into the shopping cart – is carefully analyzed in order to get some verifiable data on users intentions and behavior patterns. As the result, the sellers and manufacturers get an incredible opportunity to create an appealing brand image, attract new customers, and promote an increasing number of sales. This is exceptionally important because brand owners and product manufacturers are looking for building long-term customer relationships that create brand loyalty and result in repeat purchases.

Doing business with China: Alibaba international operations

Alibaba commercial success is not restricted to China – the company makes a huge effort to establish a top position all over the world. The company’s globalization strategy is aimed on facilitating cross-border ecommerce and allowing international companies sell their products online to Chinese customers – and vice versa. Therefore, multinational corporations interested in doing business with China find themselves in an extremely beneficial position – they can use the most suitable Alibaba platforms to get directly to Chinese customers who, as we already know, are a large and important segment of a global target audience.

How can you personally benefit from doing business with China?

The unrivalled business opportunities that Alibaba offers its partners are not available exclusively to retailers, manufacturers and corporations. Individuals can benefit from the company’s thriving business as well – all they have to do is become an affiliate of AliExpress, a retailer that does exceptionally well in Russia and rapidly wins over a considerable share of other foreign markets, and get profit from every sale that was made with their assistance.