Choosing the best ecommerce affiliate program: 7 issues you should keep in mind

March 4, 2017 Blog


As you most likely know already, joining an ecommerce affiliate program is an incredibly convenient and exceptionally easy way to provide yourself with a stable source of income for quite a long period of time. No wonder this way of securing significant profits gains a rapidly growing popularity among several categories of clients worldwide. This option is considered to be highly attractive for both beginners in the field of lucrative investments and experienced professional moneymakers.

Still, it is important to remember that not every single program will completely suit you. It takes one unsuccessful attempt of joining a program of unreliable or ill-reputed business partner to lose faith in this model, and this is exactly the reason why people tend to approach this type of business operations with great caution.

7 signs of a good affiliate program

Nevertheless, the algorithm of avoiding any troubles while dealing with ecommerce affiliate programs is quite simple. All you have to do is choose the program that meets the following 7 requirements:

  1. A low (or, most preferably, nonexistent) cost of joining the program. Since the commercial success of an affiliate program heavily depends on financial results of the affiliates, the most deliberate and acknowledged online platforms (Amazon, eBay, AliExpress) tend to offer their potential partners an option of joining them free of charge.
  2. A well-known online retailer who keeps showing an excellent performance for quite a long amount of time. It is vital for a potential affiliate to run business with a company who has proved itself to be a highly successful market player, knowledgeable enough to generate a considerable revenue and provide the necessary financial guarantees. As for the general rule, the more publicly available information considering the financial and legal background of the company you can find, the higher are your chances for commercial success.
  1. Comfortable shopping process. Start by examining the advertiser’s website both as a consumer and as an affiliate. Pay attention to its ease-of-use, professionalism, and how compelling its offer is. Note that mobile-friendliness is a key success factor since end consumers increasingly use smartphones and tablets to purchase. Test how an advertiser’s website looks and works on an array of mobile devices.
  2. A sufficient amount of statistical data available to the affiliates. Volume of sales, turnover, revenues, hits – all of these indicators and many more other variables should be available at the partners’ request. Furthermore, these types of data should be updated on a regular basis as it enhances the overall affiliate’s experience.
  3. Speaking of the affiliate’s experience, it is essential to ensure top quality of the program customer service. The professionalism of support members and the possibility of getting in touch with the designated person in time are crucial for building consistent business relationships.
  4. A transparent way of tracking the referrals from an affiliate’s website. It is a must for an efficient ecommerce affiliate program to have all the necessary built-in tools that track end buyers faultlessly as this is the only condition upon which an affiliate can get a fair commission.
  5. Satisfactory terms of getting your commission. You should take into account such factors as the commission rate for each action, the payments periodicity, and the minimum amount is to be earned in order to have your payments issued.

Since all of these parameters vary greatly for different programs, a careful and multifaceted research is required. But we hope that using this checklist you will be able to launch your affiliate marketing website successfully and fully enjoy the benefits of online business. So, best of luck to you in your endeavors!