AliPlugin ver. 2.5 released.

June 23, 2015 Blog
AliPlugin ver. 2.5 is realesed. Please update the plugin to get some new great features:

Draft option.

draft Before importing products in your site now there is an option to send these products to draft and publish later. It is a good option for users who want to edit desired products first before publishing.

Products Deletion.

deletion This new option provides users with a choice – to automatically remove items from a site if they are not available at AliExpress anymore or leave these products on a site. The point is that even if a particular product disappeared from AliExpress your visitor will be redirected to AliExpress from your site and you can get commission on any purchase done by this visitor at AliExpress for the next 30 days period.

Reset Counter.

reset Now you can reset your stats of Product Views and Redirects to AliExpress in Plugin Dashboard.

Free shipping products only.

freeshipping Now there is a possibility to import products with Free shipping option only. Using this feature you can increase an overall conversion rate of your affiliate site, because users buy such products more willingly.

Search in All Categories.

allcat Instead of searching of products in particular category, now you can search in all categories available at AliExpress. Enjoy!