AliPlugin – The Product of The Week on Warrior Forum!

September 4, 2015 Blog

Get This Plugin and Start an Automated,

Hassle-Free Affiliate Business.


Is it really that hard to start an affiliate business in 2015?

Affiliate marketing sucks.

It's harder, more competitive than ever, with no signs of letting up.

You need a deus ex machina. An edge over your competitors. A way of doing things smarter to make your affiliate dreams a reality.

But why am I telling you this?

The WSO of the Week is the EASIEST WAY for marketers (new or old) to create an AUTOMATIC affiliate income stream.

I'm talking:

  • DONE FOR YOU Website set up
  • No more trying to compete against 100's of other affiliates
  • No more manually inserting affiliate links. Ugh!
  • Promoting products with ZERO COMPETITION!
  • Instead of trying to compete in saturated markets against super affiliates, you're going to enter in almost COMPLETELY UNTAPPED niches promoting products that sell themselves.

Cool hey?

Here's the biggest, best thing: you're only 1 plugin away from making this a reality.

This. Tool. Automates. Everything.

Let me introduce you to AliPlugin. A Wordpress plugin that is about to be the best investment in your affiliate business... Ever.

What else will this tool do?

  • Easily FIND products to promote just by entering a keyword. Filter by affiliate commission, best selling and much more.
  • BULK ADD to Your Site: Forget 1 product at a time. In just a few clicks you can have 100's of items in your affiliate site ready for IMMEDIATE SALES!
  • Embeds 30 day cookies: As long as the visitor purchases within 30 days, you get the commission.
  • ALWAYS UP TO DATE: The plugin automatically updates with AliExpress to make sure your product info is ALWAYS FRESH!
  • Easily insert reviews for all of your products. Social proof = more sales.
  • Stats lets you see your best performing products, most page views and affiliate clicks each product gets.
  • Plus it can do a ton of other things, you can see in this video here.

Here's some feedback so far:

"Last week I had my first sale! Today I have 3 more. I do NOTHING at all with the sites! So it is easy money and I know for 100% it will keep growing." So of course EVERY MARKETER ON EARTH wants this plugin. Hello new income stream!

But how could we make this a COMPLETE NO BRAINER for you?

It's usually $99. Warriors: you pay just $39.

  • Once off payment only
  • Free updates for life
  • Step by step guides + video tutorials, (if you need them)
  • Any issues? You have full after sales support included no charge, plus a knowledgebase, video tutorials; everything you need to turn this into a massive success.

Want a new way to make affiliate commissions on autopilot? This is the tool you need. Take this, run with it, your future self will thank you for it.