Aliexpress heads for Latin America

March 14, 2015 Blog
Aliexpress heads for Latin America together with Aliexpress Affiliate Program. The China's largest e-commerce retailer goes to Latin America's emerging economies planning to repeat its success in other developing countries. But, it does not go alone on the trip. Just like a lot of Chinese tourists, it chose a tour trip with other countrymen. Alibaba's fellow travelers are Baidu and Tencent. Baidu, the world's second biggest search engine, which is presided only by Google, in summer 2014 officially announced the begining of a new company's branch. The event took place at Brazilian presidential palace. The most welcomed guests were President of China Xi Jinping and a Brazilian leader, Dilma Rousseff. Alibaba's e-commerce website, AliExpress, that was translated into Portuguese, enjoys enourmous popularity in Brazil and is so far the biggest e-commerce platform (by revenue) there. The launch of local branches by the biggest internet companies in Latin America is done in acordance with China's plan to encourage economic relationships with the countries that can boast of the fastest growing economies. These three Chinese companies have an important mission in the region: expansion of the country's soft power and internationalization of the Chinese currency. Lourdes Casanova, a director of the Emerging Markets Institute at Cornell University, claims that the fact that you do not have to pay anything for the apps themselves like Weixin could encourage more and more people to get know of Chinese video game and online payment services. Aliexpress Alibaba statistics Latin America The Latin America based digital services business has failed to secure the position. The reason is very poor competition, high price and low speed of services combined with weak Internet advertisement and publicity. One of the issues Internet companies might encounter as they spread out into Latin America is the region's poor credit card usage rate. Online-shopping webstores are obliged to come up with their own collection or payment systems. But that is actually good news for Alibaba, because Alibaba has its own payment system, the only task is to make it popular among Latin Americans. Aliexpress is already a big success in Russia. If it can build a good logistics center in Latin America and be able to deliver Aliexpress products to the most rural areas, it will have the same or even great success here. Recommendations for Aliexpress Affiliates: learn Spanish or Portuguese to translate the webstore by yourself or use translation services which will allow you to attract more people on your Affiliate website and bring you more commisions. It also provides a great way to test the market and start dropshipping its own products to the region. Aliexpress Alibaba statistics Latin America Top ranking Aliexpress products in Brazil