AliExpress business is thriving; it’s time to capitalize on its growth!

June 15, 2016 Blog
2_aliexpress business_1 These days the online retail market is evolving rapidly. More and more customers from various corners of the world find it exceptionally convenient to place their orders online and get anything they can possibly want delivered at their door. This, in turn, means that online marketplaces are thriving; a good example is AliExpress business that is literally growing daily as the platform takes numerous efforts to facilitate communication between manufacturers, sellers, and customers. What is even more important, the e-commerce giant lets anyone interested become a part of phenomenal AliExpress business by opening an affiliate webstore.  So why registering as an AliExpress affiliate makes sense from the financial point of view?

AliExpress business is growing in China

A vast majority of Chinese customers tends to make purchases through AliExpress as the platform is filled with well-known local brands that ask a really modest price for their offerings. But since August 2015, the number of Chinese Internet users willing to buy goods from AliExpress has risen dramatically. Market analysts explain this growth by changing economic conditions – China is facing a moderate economic growth instead of the previously achieved high one, so the country is becoming a more consumer-driven one. As the result, an increased interest towards online shopping can now be seen from the following two customer segments:
  • A segment of middle class representatives whose life conditions have improved to such an extent that these people are now ready to change their consumption patterns and start buying quality products in bigger amounts;
  • A segment of younger people who, being active Internet users, have no troubles ordering products online and are willing to increase their spending.

AliExpress business is speeding up in Russia

The platform sees a tremendous commercial success not only in its homeland, but in other destinations across the globe as well. Take Russia as an example: AliExpress has only celebrated its 6th birthday in the country recently, but the results the marketplace has achieved there during this period of time are truly outstanding. Even though Russia is now witnessing an economic downturn, the number of cross-border purchases made by Russians from Chinese online marketplaces increased by 43% during 2015. According to Moscow Data Insight agency, the total amount of cross-border sales in 2015 reached $2.4 billion which is equivalent to 20% of the overall volume of e-commerce deals made in the country. In 2014, this figure accounted for only 13%. Data Insight analysts list the following reasons of the website’s increasing popularity in Russia:
  • A wide range of items (most of them can’t be found in local brick-and-mortar stores at all);
  • Low price (Russian online retailers that are currently operating in the country mostly target affluent customers who can afford quite expensive items).

AliExpress business is built upon reliable strategies

Hundreds of millions of consumers worldwide are browsing AliExpress catalogues every day. Typically, these users are engaged in the platform’s activity as they leave reviews and comments and readily share their shopping experience. AliExpress uses this data wisely: the company analyses information taken from shoppers and, therefore, gets an opportunity to determine their purchasing habits and to make predictions about customers’ preferences of certain products. Surely, the insights received as the result of this analysis help the company go forward which makes us believe AliExpress will keep thriving in the foreseeable future.