A new logistics center will speed up the delivery of Aliexpress products from China to Russia

March 5, 2015 Blog
“The God’s Room” statistics center of the e-commerce shop Taobao/Alibaba A big logistics center will be built in a city Suifenhe 绥芬河市 (Heilongjiang province 黑龙江) located at the Chinese–Russian border and will make the delivery of Aliexpress products ordered via the internet 1.5-2 times faster. According to Chinese official statistics, nowadays, Chinese e-commerce shops, including Aliexpress, export no less than 4 million dollars worth of products daily into Russia, and these volumes constantly grow. The delivery of the products to a Russian buyer takes at least 30-45 days. In 2014, the construction of the logistics base that would make Aliexpress products delivery period less than 20 days was lunched in a Suifenhe zone of cross border co-operation. The total area of the logistics center will amount up to 25 thousands of square meters. The project cost estimate is 115 millions of Yuan (19 millions of dollars).